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Demographics There are nearly 600,000 cable households in the Twin Cities region with about 1.25 million potential viewers. The cable operating companies serving the region include: Time Warner, ComCast, Charter, and MediaCom. Channel 6 is carried on each system serving over 80 communities on one unified metro channel. The most frequently watched cable channels are CNN, ESPN, and HBO. Many of the cable viewers can identify an MCN/6 program recently watched. At any given time, 20% of the cable subscribers are frequent viewers of MCN/6; an additional 20% are occasional viewers. Most desired local and regional programming includes: community events, public affairs, sports, schools and local news. One-third of the cable viewers are self-described as "community news enthusiasts" of local and regional community television. Four in ten MCN/Channel 6 households contain pre-school or school aged children. 25% of viewers live in rental units. One-third of the viewers are below age 35. On average, the television set is on over 6 hours per day; longer in homes with children or senior citizens, which average 8-10 hours per day. Of total viewers, about 60% are female; female viewers watch two and one-half hours of MCN/6 weekly and males about one hour. Of the professions, teachers, health care workers and managers are most frequent watchers of MCN/6. Middle income households ($30K-plus) represent the most frequent income set watching MCN/6; followed by $20K-plus and $60K-plus household incomes

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